Int. jumping competition with jump-off (1.50 m)
Table A, FEI Art. 238.2.2 - CSI4*-W
This competition counts for the Longines Rankings


Placed competitors
1.290 Andretti S Kraut, Laura USA 28050.00 US  0 penalties 35.22 sec
  chest 10y.G /Corland/Animo/KWPN/103WG35/ Stars and Stripes  USA  jump-off
2.430 Skara Glen's Machu Picchu O'Shea, Paul IRL 17000.00 US  0 penalties 36.58 sec
  bay 8y.G /Silverstone VDL/Matterhorn/KWPN/104OE14/ Skara Glen Stables, Whipstick  IRL  jump-off
3.475 Woklahoma Teran, Roberto COL 12750.00 US  0 penalties 36.72 sec
  bay 12y.M /Sheraton/Calvados/KWPN/102ZG74/ Ark Partners Llc  COL  jump-off
4.689 Global van T Braunerthof Deslauriers, Mario USA 8500.00 USD  0 penalties 38.34 sec
  chest 9y.G /Vigo d'Arsouilles/Landetto/BWP/103OK48/ Karen Polle  USA  jump-off
5.205 Balous Day Date Ashe-Cawley, Molly USA 5100.00 USD  0 penalties 39.57 sec
  black 10y.M /Balou du Rover/Domino/OLDBG/103RB34/ Louisburg Farm  USA  jump-off
6.291 Constable II Kraut, Laura USA 3825.00 USD  0 penalties 39.73 sec
  chest 8y.G /Harley VDL/Lupicor/KWPN/103ZB45/ Cherry Knoll Farm  USA  jump-off
7.678 Indigo Engle, Margie USA 2550.00 USD  4 penalties 37.30 sec
  grey 15y.S /Indoctro/102VB74/ Gladewinds Farm Inc  Elm Rock  jump-off
8.141 Hitchcock vd Broekkant Oken, Alise USA 2125.00 USD  4 penalties 41.20 sec
  8y.G /Canturo/Heartbreaker/BWP/103NS58/ Hi Hopes Farm, Llc  USA  jump-off
9.377 Cassinja S Jacobs, Charlie USA 1700.00 USD  8 penalties 39.16 sec
  bay 9y.M /Carinjo/Cassini I/ZWEIB/103TL23/ Cmj Sporthorse, Llc  USA  jump-off
10.830 Helios Sternlicht, Adrienne USA 1700.00 USD  8 penalties 40.23 sec
  bay 8y.S /Couleur Rubin/Grandeur/BWP/104KQ87/ Michael Whitaker  USA  jump-off
11.300 Hh Ciske van Overis Mcalary, Maggie USA 850.00 USD  8 penalties 40.75 sec
  bay 13y.M /Celano/Darco/BWP/102UA44/ Double H Farm  USA  jump-off
12.272 Rubens LS la Silla Mannix, Vanessa CAN 850.00 USD  1 penalty 83.95 sec
  chest 9y.S /Rebozo LS la Silla/Cash/SLS/104AO57/ Vanessa Mannix  CAN  round 1
Other, non-placed competitors
13.434 Primo Calypso O'Shea, Paul IRL   4 penalties 78.09 sec
  bay 8y.S /Vainqueur/Calvados/KWPN/104BI20/ Messrs Hayden & O'shea  IRL  round 1
14.216 Cita Swail, Conor IRL   4 penalties 79.75 sec
  bay 9y.M /Casall/Pik Ramiro/HOLST/103RT75/ Susan & Ariel Grange  IRL  round 1
15.268 Rosiere Vesquerie Tisbo, Lauren USA   4 penalties 80.54 sec
  bay 10y.M /Narcos II/Arpege Pierreville*HN/SF/103SG79/ Tequestrian Farms, Llc  USA  round 1
16.821 Scout de la Cense Deslauriers, Mario USA   4 penalties 80.65 sec
  chest 9y.G /Easy Boy/Crazyhorse of Coco/SF/103PW40/ Lisa Deslauriers  USA  round 1
17.218 Martha Louise Swail, Conor IRL   4 penalties 80.68 sec
  chest 11y.M /Maloubet de Pleville 1039/Wolfgang/SWB/103EI29/ Ariel and Susan Gran  IRL  round 1
18.108 Eregast van't Kiezelhof Sweetnam, Shane IRL   5 penalties 83.14 sec
  grey 11y.G /Thunder van de Zuuthoeve/Latano/BWP/103HQ36/ Spy Coast Farm, Llc  IRL  round 1
19.309 Free Style vh Polderhof Tyree, Catherine USA   8 penalties 78.41 sec
  chest 10y.M /Kashmir van Schuttershof/Chatman/BWP/104AH84/ Mary & Joseph Tyree  USA  round 1
20.603 Aanwinst Macpherson, Jordan CAN   8 penalties 78.85 sec
  bay 10y.M /Odermus R/Jackson/KWPN/103PD08/ Jem Stables Inc.  CAN  round 1
21.695 Zerly McCrea, Christine USA   8 penalties 79.67 sec
  bay 11y.M /Querlybet Hero/Carthago/KWPN/102MW27/ Candy Tribble & Windsor Show Sta  USA  round 1
22.273 Carolien vh Scheefkasteel Mannix, Vanessa CAN   8 penalties 79.83 sec
  chest 13y.M /Perhaps vh Molenvondel/Quito de Baussy/BWP/102PX50/ Vanessa Mannix  CAN  round 1
23.275 Lady Maria Derbyshire, Amanda GBR   8 penalties 80.35 sec
  bay 9y.M /Cartani/Corrado I/HOLST/104QO06/ Mr Edwin Fry & Mrs Rita Fry  GBR  round 1
24.439 Cocq A Doodle Ashe-Cawley, Molly USA   8 penalties 80.87 sec
  bay 8y.M /Tolan R/Niagara/KWPN/103TP55/ Nutmeg Group Llc  USA  round 1
25.663 Bull Run's Eternal Vanderveen, Kristen USA   8 penalties 81.15 sec
  bay 12y.G /Toulon/Mellinor/BWP/102PK08/ Bull Run Jumpers One Llc  USA  round 1
26.102 Easy Contact Humlan Sweetnam, Shane IRL   8 penalties 82.67 sec
  bay 12y.G /Quite Easy/Electro/SWB/103LQ66/ Sweet Oak Farm  IRL  round 1
27.753 D Elia van het Molenhof Baker, Ashley USA   8 penalties 82.97 sec
  bay 12y.M /Up Chiqui/Weltruf/BWP/102XB43/ Ashley S. Baker  USA  round 1
28.730 Caliber Rodriguez, Andres VEN   9 penalties 83.96 sec
  chest 8y.G /Quasimodo Z/Colman/KWPN/103XH29/ Robert Castro  VEN  round 1
29.418 Magnus Orfeo Manfredi, Mary USA   12 penalties 82.49 sec
  bay 10y.G /Magnus Orestes/Carjdor Z/103ZT09/ Great Span Llc  USA  round 1
30.688 Jeter Polle, Karen JPN   13 penalties 84.12 sec
  bay 10y.G /Chippison/Furryoso/ISH/104VD27/ Karen Polle  Gladewinds Farm  round 1
31.698 Brugal VDL McCrea, Jonathan USA   13 penalties 84.15 sec
  grey 9y.S /Indorado/Guidam/KWPN/103IP10/ Candy Tribble  USA  round 1
32.542 Broken Heart Welles, Jeffery USA   13 penalties 84.25 sec
  bay 9y.G /Concorde/Heartbreaker/KWPN/103PH38/ Herbert Sambol  USA  round 1
33.465 Quidam MB Sternlicht, Adrienne USA   16 penalties 80.74 sec
  bay 10y.G /Quidam's Rubin/Argentinus/OLDBG/103UD08/ Starlight Farms, Llc  USA  round 1
34.492 Call me Hannes Beisel, David USA   16 penalties 80.90 sec
  grey 9y.G /Cassini II/Lasino/HOLST/103CL34/ Harlow Investment Enterprises, Llc  USA  round 1
35.664 Bull Run's Holy Smokes Vanderveen, Kristen USA   16 penalties 82.69 sec
  grey 11y.M /Wunder Boy van de Zuuthoeve/Toulon/BWP/104EZ90/ Bull Run Jumpers, Inc  USA  round 1
36.260 Bijou de Balou Dinan, Katherine USA   17 penalties 84.38 sec
  bay 9y.M /Balou du Rouet/Graf Grannus/RHLD/103UG27/ Grant Road Partners Llc  USA  round 1
37.626 Bingo Coe, Kirsten USA   retired
  bay 9y.G /For Hero*de Hus/Kannan/KWPN/103MD07/ Ilan Ferder  USA  round 1
37.397 Patriot Porter, Wilton USA   retired
  grey 12y.G /Colman/Sir Shostakov/HOLST/102NN46/ Sleepy P Ranch Llc  USA  round 1
37.700 Si Bella Prudent, Adam FRA   retired
  bay 9y.M /Diamant de Semilly SF/Digne Espoir/SF/103WL77/ Monsieur Henri Prudent  FRA  round 1
37.690 Ramona de Flobecq Thieme, Andre GER   retired
  bay 10y.M /Ultimo van ter Moude/Umour du Fenaud/SF/103BQ89/ Thieme, Andre  GER  round 1
37.577 Brianda Wolff, Ali USA   retired
  chest M /Lupicor/Rianda/KWPN/103SS07/ John Wolff  USA  round 1

Data of competition:
 Judges:  R.Alfona (USA)  Total prize money:
85000 USD
 P.Rozon (CAN)
 L.Longenecker (USA)