210 $ 35,000 Welcome Stake
Int. jumping competition with jump-off (1.50 m)
FEI Art. 238.2.2 - CSI4*-W
The competition counts for the Longines Rankings


Placed competitors
1.65 Cafino Colvin, Victoria USA 8750.00 USD  0 penalties 30.40 sec
  bay 12y.G /Cardento 933/Roderik 856/SWB/SWE40848/ Take the High Road, Llc  United States  jump-off
2.51 Enjoy Louis Tyree, Catherine Nicole USA 7000.00 USD  0 penalties 32.86 sec
  bay 11y.G /Coriano/Kannan/BWP/103EY94/ Mary & Joseph Tyree  United States  jump-off
3.83 Domino Coulter, Audrey USA 5250.00 USD  0 penalties 32.92 sec
  chest 12y.S /Darco/Unknown/103DT02/ Blue Chip Bloodstock  United States  jump-off
4.96 Sunshine Verlooy, Jos BEL 3500.00 USD  0 penalties 33.40 sec
  chest 9y.G /Diamant de Semilly/Hardi/BWP/103LL67/ Eurohorse Bvba- Axel Verlooy  Belgium  jump-off
5.6 Caleno Bloomberg, Georgina USA 2450.00 USD  0 penalties 33.65 sec
  bay 11y.G /Calido Ass/Lancer II/HESS/103CX14/ Gotham Enterprizes, Llc  United States  jump-off
6.97 H&M Challenge vd Begijnakker Philippaerts, Olivier BEL 1925.00 USD  4 penalties 33.29 sec
  bay 13y.G /Chellano Z/Palestro vd Begijnakker/ZANG/BEL41797/ Bart Keisse  Belgium  jump-off
7.37 Finou Vale, Aaron USA 1400.00 USD  4 penalties 33.70 sec
  9y.G /For Pleasure/Concetto/HANN/103MD37/ Thinks Like A Horse & Donald E Stew  United States  jump-off
8.24 Amaretto D Arco Dinan, Katherine A. USA 1050.00 USD  4 penalties 33.82 sec
  bay 15y.S /Darco/Tenor Manciais/BWP/BEL40587/ Grant Road Partners Llc  USA  jump-off
9.18 Constable II Kraut, Laura USA 1050.00 USD  4 penalties 35.17 sec
  chest 8y.G /Harley VDL/Lupicor/KWPN/103ZB45/ Cherry Knoll Farm  United States  jump-off
10.58 Emerald Smolders, Harrie NED 875.00 USD  4 penalties 36.37 sec
  chest 11y.S /Diamant de Semilly/Carthago/BWP/102WX93/ Euro Horse Bvba Axel Verloo  Netherlands  jump-off
11.60 H&M Harley vd Bisschop Philippaerts, Nicola BEL 875.00 USD  4 penalties 65.46 sec
  grey 8y.G /Dulf van den Bisschop/Coronado/BWP/103XK19/ Ludo Philippaerts - Ben Be  Belgium  round 1
12.93 Abunola Goldstein-Engle, Margie USA 875.00 USD  4 penalties 66.12 sec
  bay 10y.M /Numero Uno/Voltaire/KWPN/103JP14/ Elm Rock Partners, Llc  United States  round 1
Other, non-placed competitors
13.81 Valeska Jayne, Charlie USA   4 penalties 68.04 sec
  chest 10y.M /Vigo d'Arsouilles/Heartbreaker/BWP/103SV22/ Pony Lane Farm  United States  round 1
14.23 HH Carlos Z Ward, McLain USA   4 penalties 69.17 sec
  bay 13y.G /Chellano Z/Voltaire/ZANG/BEL41129/ Double H Farm  United States  round 1
15.26 Rmf Bella Baloubet Prince, Kimberly USA   4 penalties 70.33 sec
  grey 14y.S /Baloubet D.Ro/Landadel/HOLST/GBR40864/ Rushy Marsh Farm Llc  United States  round 1
16.30 VDL Wizard Solem, Callan USA   4 penalties 70.53 sec
  chest 12y.G /Gentleman/Ahorn/KWPN/102PX05/ Horseshoe Trail Farm, Llc  USA  round 1
17.36 Emilie de Diamant A S Towell, Jack USA   4 penalties 71.42 sec
  bay 11y.M /Diamant de Semilly/Flipper D Elle/BWP/102SR34/ Jennifer Gates, Llc  USA  round 1
18.94 Talisman de Mazure Mathy, Francois Jr BEL   5 penalties 76.44 sec
  chest 8y.G /Quaprice Boimargot Quincy*quap/Alcamera de Moyon/SF/103WG94/ Scea Ele  Belgium  round 1
19.4 Rocky W Campbell, Kaitlin Dawn USA   8 penalties 68.91 sec
  bay 17y.S /Libero H/Corofino/KWPN/NED07132/ Kaitlin D. Campbell  United States  round 1
20.46 Cassinja Robitaille, Alison USA   8 penalties 71.65 sec
  bay 10y.M /Cassini I/Caletto I/HOLST/103LG98/ Bertram & Diana Firestone  United States  round 1
21.10 Air Force One Godek, Kama Michelle USA   8 penalties 71.88 sec
  grey 11y.G /President/Quat'sous/BWP/102YP19/ Godek, Kama  United States  round 1
22.47 Mcb Maya O'Regan, Conor IRL   9 penalties 73.49 sec
  bay 13y.M /Cordento 933/Turban Rose 834/SWB/103BJ37/ Robert Jornayvaz IV  Ireland  round 1
23.15 Cassinja S Jacobs, Charlie USA   13 penalties 91.05 sec
  bay 9y.M /Carinjo/Cassini I/ZWEIB/103TL23/ Cmj Sporthorse, Llc  United States  round 1
24.2 Call me Hannes Beisel, David USA   16 penalties 71.65 sec
  grey 9y.G /Cassini II/Lasino/HOLST/103CL34/ Harlow Investment Enterprises, Llc  United States  round 1
25.28 Q 7 Riley, Schuyler USA   16 penalties 85.77 sec
  chest 9y.G /Que Sera/Raueck I/BAVAR/104EV62/ Wolfstone Stables & Sales Inc  United States  round 1
26.33 Simba de la Roque Swail, Conor IRL   17 penalties 75.31 sec
  chest 9y.G /Kannan, Kwpn/Allegreto/SF/103MD44/ Susan Grange  Ireland  round 1
27.89 Venturo Sweetnam, Shane IRL   29 penalties 73.42 sec
  bay 10y.S /Canturo/Nabab de Reve/SBS/103XY04/ Spy Coast Farm, Llc  IRL  round 1

Data of competition:
 Judges:  M.Morisson (CAN)  Total prize money:
35000 USD
 N.O Connor (USA)
 R.Alfano (USA)