605 $ 35,000 Spirit of the West Cup
Int. speed competition (1.45 m)
FEI Art. 239 - CSI3*-W
The competition counts for the Longines Rankings


Placed competitors
1.818 Couscous van Orti Parot, Samuel CHI 8750.00 CAD  65.19 seconds (61.19)
  bay 13y.G /Nabab de Reve/Cash/BWP/BEL42141/ Samuel Parot 
2.829 Sombrero Brimbelles Candele, Yann CAN 7000.00 CAD  65.80 seconds
  chest 9y.S /Calvaro/Diamant de Semilly/SF/103OS59/ Angelstone Partners 
3.825 Farfelu du Printemps Henselwood, Jill CAN 5250.00 CAD  66.01 seconds (62.01)
  bay 10y.G /Action Breaker/Darco/BWP/103MK42/ John Madigan 
4.854 Carrera van het Westleven Z White, Keean CAN 3500.00 CAD  67.42 seconds (63.42)
  bay 11y.M /Canadian River/Calypso III/ZANG/103GC57/ Harthill Farm 
5.831 Hera van de Kouterhoeve Ballard, Erynn CAN 2450.00 CAD  68.10 seconds (64.10)
  8y.M /Dawson Vande Padenborre/Winsconsin van de Cruyenvelda/BWP/104AK60/ Angelsto 
6.834 EH All Or None Duff, Jaclyn CAN 1925.00 CAD  68.65 seconds
  bay 9y.G /Abke/Grannus/HANN/104HV43/ Windermere Stables Limited 
7.855 Parette Carlsen, Lisa CAN 1400.00 CAD  74.18 seconds (70.18)
  bay 9y.M /Passoa VDL/Barinello/BRAND/104UE87/ Lisa Carlsen 
8.837 Constant Surprise Doty, Claire USA 1050.00 CAD  74.53 seconds (66.53)
  bay 14y.G /Contender/Sir Shostakov/HOLST/GBR40160/ Caryl & Claire Doty 
9.806 Vianda Gergely, Nicole CAN 1050.00 CAD  74.68 seconds (66.68)
  black 13y.M /Grafiet/Saros/KWPN/102NB30/ Nicole Gergely 
10.851 Wriomf Sorensen, Chris CAN 875.00 CAD  76.26 seconds (68.26)
  bay 12y.M /Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve/Julius/KWPN/102TP86/ Christian Sorensen 
11.838 KVF Zeno Jamieson, Lorrie CAN 875.00 CAD  77.73 seconds (69.73)
  chest 11y.S /Quattro/Burggraaf/KWPN/104GZ14/ Lorrie Jamieson 
12.847 Carmen Asselin, Ben CAN 875.00 CAD  77.84 seconds (69.84)
  9y.M /Caretello B/Landadel/BAVAR/104ES59/ Attache Stables 
Other, non-placed competitors
13.858 Air Ride Charity, Ashleigh CAN   88.62 seconds (72.62)
  black 10y.G /Air Jordan/Unknown/103FL27/ Ashleigh Charity 
14.848 Wahrhaftige CR Asselin, Ben CAN   89.73 seconds (77.73)
  bay 9y.M /Clearway/Coronado/HOLST/103CY39/ Spruce Meadows Ltd. 
15.826 Quidam Blue Henselwood, Jill CAN   95.16 seconds
  grey 10y.S /104AU50/ Juniper Farms and Equitop Farm 
16.856 Hitchcock van Overis Edgar, Ellicia CAN   eliminated
  bay 8y.S /V.Darco/Corrado I/SBS/103TR37/ Peter Edgar 
17.817 Tailormade Anna Chacca Parot, Samuel CHI   retired
  bay 10y.M /Chacco-Blue/Andiamo Z/OS/103KB41/ Samuel Parot 

Data of competition:
 Judges:  P.Rozon (CAN)  Total prize money:
35000 CAD
 O.Trivino (COL)