$130,000 Burlington Capital International Omaha Grand Prix (1.45 m)
Int. Jumping Competition with jump-off
Table A, FEI Art. 238.2.2
This competition counts for the LONGINES Rankings.


Placed competitors
1.115 NKH Selena Heineking, Christian GER 42900.00 US  0 penalties 40.16 sec
  bay 11y.M /Stakkato Gold/Quattro B/OLDBG/103SO24/ Nkh Llc  jump-off
2.178 Catungee Schroeder, Christoph GER 26000.00 US  4 penalties 42.04 sec
  grey 10y.G /Contact me/Liatos/HOLST/104EJ98/ Christoph Schroeder & Derek Peterse  jump-off
3.218 Lucky Strike Holloway, Brandie USA 19500.00 US  4 penalties 42.37 sec
  bay 10y.G /Lasino/Sir Shostakov/HOLST/104TD19/ Hays Investment Corp.  jump-off
4.105 MTM Reve du Paradis Fenney, Tracy USA 13000.00 US  4 penalties 42.86 sec
  grey 11y.G /Crown Z/Adelfos/SF/103KT01/ Mtm Farm  jump-off
5.235 Lochinvar Cyphert, Matt USA 7800.00 USD  8 penalties 42.33 sec
  bay 12y.G /Karamiro/Unknown/104DP81/ Matt Cyphert  jump-off
6.118 Aje Cluny Heineking, Christian GER 5850.00 USD  8 penalties 43.34 sec
  bay 12y.G /Cash and Carry/Starlight/OS/104LH75/ Aje Equitation & Christian Heinek  jump-off
7.196 Brindis Bogibo Welles, Andrew USA 3900.00 USD  8 penalties 44.03 sec
  chest 10y.G /Grand Pilot I/Pacific/KWPN/104AU00/ Aem Enterprises, Llc  jump-off
8.161 Uppie de Lis Kocher, Andrew USA 3250.00 USD  8 penalties 45.58 sec
  bay 15y.G /Andiamo/Landsieger I/NRPS/SUI40278/ Bts Entertainment & Sales  jump-off
9.192 Hindsight Goldman, Lisa USA 2600.00 USD  4 penalties 67.00 sec
  grey 9y.G /Vision/HOLST/104ZV88/ Lisa Goldman  round 1
10.189 Centurion B Goldman, Lisa USA 2600.00 USD  4 penalties 68.61 sec
  chest 14y.G /Rebel Z I/Indoctro/BWP/103SZ14/ Mary A Goldman  round 1
11.195 Boo van het Kastanjehof Welles, Andrew USA 1300.00 USD  4 penalties 68.69 sec
  bay 15y.M /Thunder van de Zuuthoeve/Pachat II/BWP/BEL40541/ Peter Welles  round 1
12.201 Ceonto Cudmore, Karen CAN 1300.00 USD  4 penalties 70.76 sec
  grey 15y.G /Cassini I/HOLST/102PH52/ Blair Cudmore  round 1
Other, non-placed competitors
13.160 Le Conte Kocher, Andrew USA   4 penalties 70.82 sec
  bay 15y.G /Lancer II/Martel/HOLST/102MB53/ Andrew Kocher  round 1
14.135 Hope van T Zorgvliet Raflowitz, Brittni USA   4 penalties 72.89 sec
  bay 9y.G /Charcoal Blue/Darco/BWP/104DL59/ Brittni Raflowitz & Esi Show Jumper  round 1
15.145 Quick Petite Folie McDermott, Thomas AUS   4 penalties 73.87 sec
  bay 12y.S /Calvaro Z/Thoas du Theillet/SF/103MK17/ Gut Einhaus, Llc & Thomas Mcde  round 1
16.120 Diamond Peterson, Nicole USA   5 penalties 74.42 sec
  bay 13y.M /Parco/Corsaire de Vaubain/BWP/102OM89/ Nicole Peterson  round 1
17.250 Hilton van de Breepoel Raflowitz, Brittni USA   5 penalties 75.91 sec
  bay 9y.G /Contact vd Heffinck/Opium/BWP/104QV63/ Esi Showjumpers, Maarten Huygens  round 1
18.225 Call me Hannes Beisel, David USA   8 penalties 70.48 sec
  grey 10y.G /Cassini II/Lasino/HOLST/103CL34/ Harlow Investment Enterprises, Llc  round 1
19.152 D'artagnan Martin, Eric CAN   8 penalties 72.13 sec
  bay 10y.S /Jaspis/104FM82/ Eric Martin  round 1
20.119 Fast Flo Peterson, Nicole USA   8 penalties 73.41 sec
  bay 11y.M /Diamant de Semilly/Galoubet A/BWP/103LL22/ Nicole Peterson  round 1
21.221 Cassevel Holloway, Hunter USA   12 penalties 71.60 sec
  grey 9y.G /Cassini II/Quidamderevel/HOLST/104TD21/ Hays Investment Corp.  round 1
22.219 VDL Bravo S Holloway, Hunter USA   12 penalties 71.61 sec
  grey 10y.G /Ephepe for Ever/Chellano Z/KWPN/104SY83/ Virginia T. Bartholomay & Ha  round 1
23.147 Way of Life H Holtgers, Ansgar GER   13 penalties 74.06 sec
  chest 9y.M /Chacco Blue/Coleur Rubin/OLDBG/104RB97/ Gut Einhaus, Llc  round 1
24.207 VDL Byacinthe Urban, Danielle CAN   13 penalties 76.67 sec
  grey 10y.M /Calato/Pharaon/KWPN/103VQ46/ Hannah Delano  round 1
25.106 S L Elite Douglas, Dorothy USA   disqualified
  chest 11y.G /Action-Breaker/Galoubet A/BWP/103BI14/ Mtm Farm  round 1
26.123 Alamo Davis-Heineking, Erin USA   retired
  bay 14y.S /Acorado I/Landgraf I/HOLST/USA41909/ October Hill Hunters and Jumpers  round 1
26.148 Wisconsin Holtgers, Ansgar GER   retired
  bay 17y.G /Darco/Coriolan/BWP/BEL40785/ Gut Einhaus, Llc  round 1

Data of competition:
 Judges:  L. Allen (USA)  Total prize money:
130000 USD
 D. Distler (USA)
 C. Skinner (USA)
 C. Hoffman (CAN)