03 T Int. Jumping competition with 2 rounds
3rd Competition: Individual Final
Table A FEI Article 238.1.1 (not against the clock with time allowed) - height: 1.60 m
- 2nd round -

Current Rider:
Fly Dance PSZD Schröder,Christiane SUI

Last Competitor:
1.  Pik Boy CH Barraud,Alice SUI 4 penalties 31.31 sec

Current Ranking after 1 Competitors
1. Pik Boy CH Alice Barraud SUI 4 penalties 31.31 sec

Remaining Starting Order with 14 competitors left
1. Fly Dance PSZD Christiane Schröder SUI
2. Rhythmus Marianne Rageth SUI
3. Lilas du Clos CH Véronique Steulet-Rossé SUI
4. Libertino II CH Hans Voser SUI
5. San Cristobal Barbara von Grebel SUI
6. Golden Globe CH Hildegard Krenger SUI
7. KK Samba King Annemarie Järmann SUI
8. Il Carino CH Corinne Rapold SUI
9. Rachmaninoff Markus Graf SUI
10. Wasabi Bibera CH Regula Schneider SUI
11. Par excellence Lise Lohner SUI
12. Del Cuore CH Gilles Ngovan SUI
13. Flash Dance Fluswiss CH Martina Flury SUI
14. Watch my dream Yvonne Piot SUI

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