04 Int. jumping competition with jump-off (1.50 m)
FEI - Art. 238.2.2 - CSI5* GCT
Competition counting for LONGINES RANKINGS


Placed competitors
1.176 Lacrimoso HDC Delaveau, Patrice FRA 19800.00 EU  0 penalties 35.66 sec
  dbay 9y.S /Landjunge/Cascavelle/HOLST/102WS51/ Haras Des Coudrettes  jump-off
2.90 Sidney VIII Guerdat, Steve SUI 12000.00 EU  0 penalties 35.79 sec
  bay 11y.M /Carry/Quidamderevel/HOLST/102TZ38/ Guerdat Steve  jump-off
3.110 Ursula XII Brash, Scott GBR 9000.00 EUR  0 penalties 36.22 sec
  bay 12y.M /Ahorn/Papageno/103EE21/ Lady P Harris & Lady P Kirkham  jump-off
4.92 Springtime Coulter, Saer USA 6000.00 EUR  0 penalties 36.80 sec
  bay 14y.G /Indorado/Elmshorn/KWPN/NED40295/ Copernicus Stables,Llc  jump-off
5.19 Clarimo Bengtsson, Rolf-Göran SWE 3600.00 EUR  0 penalties 39.04 sec
  grey 10y.S /Clearway/Caletto II/HOLST/102TH18/ Verband d.Züchter des Holsteiner P  jump-off
6.99 Unique IX Fletcher, Tina GBR 2700.00 EUR  0 penalties 40.31 sec
  bay 12y.G /Heartbreaker/Vasco/KWPN/102MH65/ Lady P Harris & Lady P Kirkham  jump-off
7.95 Aragon Z Ahlmann, Christian GER 1800.00 EUR  4 penalties 36.14 sec
  grey 12y.G /Askari/Kolibri/NED42664/ Stoeterij Zangersheide (10026776)  jump-off
8.81 Show Show Miranda, Alvaro de BRA 1500.00 EUR  4 penalties 36.38 sec
  bay 11y.G /Darco/Royal Feu/BWP/103FW69/ RD Jumping Higher LTDA  jump-off
9.46 Ohlala Hough, Lauren USA 1200.00 EUR  4 penalties 36.89 sec
  bay 9y.M /Orlando/Cardento/SWB/102ST09/ The Ohlala Group  jump-off
10.49 Heidi du Ruisseau Z Hutton, Samuel GBR 1200.00 EUR  4 penalties 36.90 sec
  bay 9y.M /Heartbreaker/Darco/ZANG/103AZ56/ Dunwalke LTD  jump-off
11.125 Ego van Orti Tops-Alexander, Edwina AUS 600.00 EUR  4 penalties 38.02 sec
  bay 9y.G /Vigo d'Arsouilles/Darco/BWP/102OP34/ Tops Horse Trading BV & Edwina Ale  jump-off
12.145 Aristo Z Maher, Ben GBR 600.00 EUR  8 penalties 35.89 sec
  chest 9y.G /103FB82/ Mr Ben Maher  jump-off
13.100 Abab van het Molenhof Alvarez Moya, Sergio ESP 200.00 EUR  8 penalties 38.81 sec
  bay 13y.S /Nabab de Reve/Calypso I/BWP/NED40144/ Marta Ortega Perez  jump-off
Other, non-placed competitors
14.85 Murka's Odie de Frevent Charles, Peter GBR   not begun
  bay 11y.M /Urbain du Monnai/Jalisco B/SF/102NP73/ Ms Olga White  jump-off
15.118 Allerdings Schou, Andreas DEN   1 penalty 76.29 sec
  chest 13y.G /Arpeggio/Diamantino/WESTF/GER42559/ Hans Günter Winkler/Henrik von E  round 1
16.63 Maximillian Whitaker, John GBR   1 penalty 76.47 sec
  chest 12y.S /Carnute/Siouz de Baugy/OLDBG/SWE40897/ Mrs C Whitaker  round 1
17.42 Jackson Hole Smolders, Harrie NED   1 penalty 79.32 sec
  bay 9y.G /Quite Easy/Robin Z/SWB/102XI24/ Flemming Lund  round 1
18.130 Cousteau 6 Straumann, Flaminia SUI   2 penalties 80.33 sec
  grey 14y.G /Carolus I/Contender/HOLST/GER26358/ Straumann Flaminia  round 1
19.162 Quintus 81 Hamcho, Ahmad Saber SYR   4 penalties 72.21 sec
  bay 10y.G /Quick Star/Grannus/OLDBG/102RV46/ Hamscho,Ahmad Saber  round 1
20.8 Jubilee d'Ouilly Kraut, Laura USA   4 penalties 72.73 sec
  bay 16y.M /Palestro II/Graphit/SF/FRA12611/ A. Le Bon & F.X. Le Bon  round 1
21.3 Zagahorn Armstrong, Mark GBR   4 penalties 73.81 sec
  bay 9y.G /Matterhorn/Wolfgang/KWPN/102XN33/ Mrs S Welch  round 1
22.103 Dame Blanche van Arenberg Leprevost, Penelope FRA   4 penalties 73.91 sec
  roan 10y.M /Clinton (hol)/Codexco/BWP/102PX90/ Monsieur Pascal LEVY  round 1
23.190 Elie van de Kolmen Whitaker, Michael GBR   4 penalties 74.76 sec
  grey 9y.M /President/Darco/BWP/102XF13/ Michael Whitaker  round 1
23.44 Quister de Guldenboom Richard Philips, Jane SUI   4 penalties 74.76 sec
  chest 9y.G /Kannan/Eyken Des Fontenis/SF/103FJ37/ Philips-de-Vuyst Caroline  round 1
25.55 AD Babouche Onassis-de Miranda, Athina GRE   4 penalties 75.19 sec
  chest 13y.G /Baloubet du Rouet/Aldato/BEL12248/ Dhr. A. De Miranda & Victory Eque  round 1
26.53 Leoville Weishaupt, Philipp GER   4 penalties 75.57 sec
  bay 13y.S /Landor S/Wettruf/BAY/GER41928/ Ritter Frank  round 1
27.115 Calado 2 Eckermann, Henrik von SWE   4 penalties 75.59 sec
  bay 12y.G /Calando I/Landgraf I/HOLST/GER45449/ Stange-Steinmetz Gunter  round 1
28.155 Fit For Fun 13 Diniz, Luciana POR   5 penalties 77.23 sec
  chest 9y.M /For Pleasure/Fabriano/HANN/103IB23/ G.R.O.W. Horses  round 1
29.148 Callahan Schröder, Gerco NED   5 penalties 77.45 sec
  dbay 10y.S /Contendro/For Pleasure/HANN/103AP27/ Silest B.V.  round 1
30.78 Sterrehof's Uppity Houtzager, Marc NED   6 penalties 80.22 sec
  chest 12y.G /Guidam/Epilot/KWPN/NED41504/ Stal Hendrix  round 1
31.144 Victoria Mohammed, Bassem Hassan QAT   6 penalties 82.19 sec
  bay 11y.M /Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve/Cordano/KWPN/102VL43/ Qatar Armed Forces  round 1
32.33 Whisper Delestre, Simon FRA   8 penalties 72.57 sec
  dbay 10y.M /Gentleman/Sit This One Out/KWPN/NED42542/ M.Simon Delestre Et M. Beno  round 1
33.178 Cantaro Al Thani, Sheik Ali Bin Khaled QAT   8 penalties 73.50 sec
  grey 13y.G /Corrado I/Libero/HOLST/GER41811/ Qatar Armed Forces  round 1
34.141 Taran de la Pomme Staut, Kevin FRA   8 penalties 75.11 sec
  grey 10y.S /Tolano van het Riethof/Chin Chin/SBS/102OR75/ Joris de Brabander  round 1
35.5 VDL Groep Sapphire B Vleuten, Maikel van der NED   8 penalties 75.79 sec
  grey 14y.M /Mr. Blue/Grand Veneur Sf/KWPN/NED40448/ Stoeterij Duyselshof  round 1
36.169 Billy Angelo Funnell, William GBR   8 penalties 76.00 sec
  chest 10y.G /Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve/Kroongraaf/KWPN/102VA34/ Mrs J Slade  round 1
37.70 Zorro Z Al Ajami, Faleh Suwead QAT   9 penalties 79.42 sec
  chest 12y.G /Zandor Z/Calvin Z/BEL41096/ Qatar Equestrian Federation  round 1
38.82 Isco de Amoranda Mcauley, Mark IRL   12 penalties 75.03 sec
  bay 9y.S /102PT93/ Valenzano Menada Giuseppe  round 1
39.127 Cezanne Bahamdan, Kamal KSA   12 penalties 75.26 sec
  grey 13y.G /Calido I/Corofino I/HOLST/GER41939/ Saudi Equestrian  round 1
40.136 Lisona Springsteen, Jessica USA   13 penalties 78.95 sec
  bay 12y.M /OBOS Quality 004/Porsch/ISH/102TA65/ Stone Hill Farm  round 1
41.66 Etoile M Wathelet, Gregory BEL   14 penalties 80.15 sec
  bay 9y.S /Toulon/Lys de Darmen/BWP/102SW92/ Martine Nagels  round 1
42.14 Umorkus Pinchen, Yasmin GBR   14 penalties 82.92 sec
  bay 12y.G /Goodtimes/Calato/KWPN/103PT18/ Mrs Emma Harrison  round 1
43.58 Carisma Martinsen, Emilie DEN   16 penalties 75.50 sec
  bay 14y.M /Cardento 933/Maraton 600/SWB/SWE40331/ EM Horses  round 1
44.133 Unex Omega Star Gredley, Tim GBR   17 penalties 79.54 sec
  bay 11y.S /Quick Star/Quatoubet Du Rouet/ISH/102OL78/ Unex Competition Yard Ltd  round 1
45.121 Blue Curacao Thornton, Alexandra GBR   17 penalties 94.26 sec
  bay 12y.M /Mr Blue/Dark D Amour/BWP/BEL42613/ Dunwalke Limited,Dunwalke LLC & Mar  round 1
46.106 Castiglione L Al Rumaihi, Mubarak QAT   18 penalties 98.83 sec
  bay 14y.S /Contender/Argentinus/OLDBG/POL01890/ Qatar Equestrian Federation  round 1
47.164 Lantinus Lynch, Denis IRL   20 penalties 74.76 sec
  bay 15y.G /Landkönig/Argentinus/HANN/GER27873/ Straumann,Thomas  round 1
48.112 Labors Wonderboy Vrieling, Jur NED   retired
  bay 10y.G /Indoctro/Burggraaf/KWPN/103GC20/ Dhr. J. Buikema  round 1
48.172 Coolgirl Schwizer, Pius SUI   retired
  grey 9y.M /de 404 049939001/Polydor/WESTF/103EV86/ Balmelli Armando  round 1
48.10 Cash Kutscher, Marco GER   retired
  bay 17y.G /Carthago/Lavall II/HOLST/GER24512/ Madeleine Winter-Schulze  round 1
48.25 Kavanagh IV Renwick, Laura GBR   retired
  bay 11y.G /Kannan/Carousel/AES/103DD03/ Miss Lisa Roper  round 1
48.67 Castle Forbes Cosma Bost, Roger Yves FRA   retired
  chest 13y.M /Couleur-Rubin/Peter Pan/OLDBG/GER40684/ Forbes Georgina  round 1

Data of competition:
 Judges:  N.Vanososte (VEN)  Total prize money:
60200 EUR
 A.Golledge (GBR)
 J.Doney (GBR)