Int. puissance competition
FEI - Art. 262.2


Placed competitors
1.104 Quova de Vains Moneta, Luca Maria ITA 5500.00 EUR  0 penalties
  bay 9y.M /Robin II Z/Narcos II/SF/102XX61/ Zerosei Sa  4th jump-off
2.137 Richi Rich Williams, Guy GBR 4500.00 EUR  4 penalties
  grey 12y.M /Chatman/Cassini/SBS/BEL42337/ Mr P Gill  4th jump-off
3.125 Zantos II Whitaker, John GBR 3500.00 EUR  4 penalties
  black 9y.S /Solitair/Mermus R/KWPN/103CP61/ Miss Mandy Hall  3rd jump-off
4.146 Roller Coaster Renwick, Laura GBR 2000.00 EUR  8 penalties
  bay 12y.G /High Roller/First Consul/ISH/GBR40937/ Mr J & Mrs M Renwick  3rd jump-off
5.64 Connycor Eder, Stefan AUT 1400.00 EUR  4 penalties
  chest 10y.M /Con Capitol/Lupicor/WESTF/102RU09/ Michael Steinbrecher  1st jump-off
6.108 Sissi van Schuttershof Vrieling, Jur NED 1100.00 EUR  withdrawn
  bay 11y.M /Nabab de Reve/Tenor Manciais/SBS/NED42591/ J.A.A. Stevens & G. de Sloo  1st jump-off
7.75 Zanzibar V Clarke, Gerard IRL 666.67 EUR  4 penalties
  bay 9y.S /Quick Star/Contender/KWPN/103VT78/ Andrew Doogue  round 1
7.138 Dargentina des Bruyeres De Grande, Jean Christophe BEL 666.67 EUR  4 penalties
  bay 10y.M /Orlando/Nabab de Reve/BWP/102YM09/ Thiers Herve  round 1
7.59 Noctambule Courcelle Maher, Ben GBR 666.67 EUR  4 penalties
  chest 12y.G /Fidelio du Donjon SF/SF/FRA46492/ Mrs Elaine Annis  round 1

Data of competition:
 Judges:  C.de. Coulon (SUI)  Total prize money:
20000 EUR
 V.Turner (GBR)
 A.Golledge (GBR)
 J.Doney (GBR)