presented by Agria
Int. jumping competition with one jump-off (1.60 m)
FEI Art. 238.2.2 - CSI5*-W
Competition counting for LONGINES RANKINGS


Placed competitors
1.38 Albfuehren's Paille Guerdat, Steve SUI 528000.00 S  0 penalties 43.13 sec
  chest 12y.M /Kannan (kwpn)/SF/FRA45663/ Hofgut Albführen GmbH  jump-off
2.41 Casall Ask Bengtsson, Rolf-Göran SWE 320000.00 S  0 penalties 43.49 sec
  bay 16y.S /Caretino/Lavall I/HOLST/GER27997/ Verband der Züchter des Holsteiner  jump-off
3.66 Cornet's Cristallo Kutscher, Marco GER 240000.00 S  0 penalties 43.89 sec
  bay 12y.G /Cornet Obolensky/Pilot/WESTF/102MH58/ Sudheimer Hof / Thomas Sagel  jump-off
4.99 Vdl Zirocco Blue N.O.P. Vrieling, Jur NED 160000.00 S  0 penalties 44.38 sec
  grey 11y.S /Mr. Blue/Voltaire/SF/103BQ29/ W. van de Lageweg & A. Jespers  jump-off
5.44 As Cold as Ice Z Melchior, Judy-Ann BEL 96000.00 SE  0 penalties 47.62 sec
  grey 13y.M /Artos Z/Carthago Z/ZANG/BEL41738/ Zangersheide  jump-off
6.100 Cantinero von Eckermann, Henrik SWE 72000.00 SE  0 penalties 49.74 sec
  bay 13y.G /Cento/Cash/BWP/102XC13/ Qatar Armed Forces  jump-off
7.79 Silvana HDC Staut, Kevin FRA 48000.00 SE  4 penalties 43.75 sec
  grey 16y.M /Corland/Widor/KWPN/BEL12188/ Haras Des Coudrettes  jump-off
8.4 Glock's London N.O.P. Schröder, Gerco NED 40000.00 SE  4 penalties 44.93 sec
  chest 13y.S /Nabab de Reve/Chin Chin/BWP/BEL40955/ Glock HPC Holding BV  jump-off
9.51 Casello Lindelöw, Douglas SWE 32000.00 SE  4 penalties 44.98 sec
  chest 12y.G /Casall/Carolus I/HOLST/102OW88/ Fam. Bladh & C.Person  jump-off
10.82 Toulago Schwizer, Pius SUI 32000.00 SE  4 penalties 45.98 sec
  bay 10y.G /Toulon/Carthago/OS/103AX85/ Haber Karin  jump-off
11.68 VDL Groep Arera C Vleuten, Maikel van der NED 16000.00 SE  4 penalties 46.09 sec
  bay 10y.M /Indoctro/Voltaire/KWPN/103OP44/ Stal van der Vleuten / J.J.A.C. Cop  jump-off
12.76 Fair Light van't Heike Tops-Alexander, Edwina AUS 16000.00 SE  4 penalties 48.76 sec
  chest 10y.M /Vigo d'Arsouilles/Darco/BWP/103IA15/ Tops Horse Trading  jump-off
Other, non-placed competitors
13.54 Banca Popolare Bari Cassandra Franco, Francesco ITA   4 penalties 52.65 sec
  grey 11y.M /Cashandcarry/Calato/HOLST/102NX87/ Olgiata Equestrian Di Franco F  jump-off
14.124 Orient Express HDC Delaveau, Patrice FRA   4 penalties 68.32 sec
  bay 13y.S /Quick Star SF/Le Tot de Semilly/SF/102QT10/ Haras Des Coudrettes  round 1
15.86 Challenge v. Begijnakker Philippaerts, Nicola BEL   4 penalties 70.41 sec
  bay 13y.G /Chellano Z/Palestro v. Begijnakker/ZANG/BEL41797/ Bart Keisse  round 1
16.109 Cylana Kessler, Reed USA   4 penalties 71.34 sec
  chest 13y.M /Skippy II/Darco/BWP/103EC16/ Kessler Show Stables  round 1
17.104 Cornet Kalua Kühner, Max AUT   4 penalties 71.54 sec
  10y.G /Cornet Obolensky/Platin/BAY/102ZJ25/ Kühner,Max  round 1
18.113 Connery Moneta, Luca Maria ITA   4 penalties 71.68 sec
  bay 14y.G /Cordobes II/Polydor/WESTF/ITA41763/ Molly Ohrstrom  round 1
19.29 Funky Fred Ehning, Marcus GER   4 penalties 71.89 sec
  chest 10y.S /For Pleasure/Pilot/WESTF/103HJ41/ Sportpferde Ehning GbR  round 1
20.27 Winningmood Diniz, Luciana POR   4 penalties 71.98 sec
  grey 16y.S /Darco/Cassini/BWP/BEL11587/ Edouard de Rothschild Equestrian Sp  round 1
21.14 Hello Guv'Nor Brash, Scott GBR   4 penalties 72.05 sec
  bay 10y./Diamant De Semilly/Papillion Rouge/BWP/103QH40/ Lord & Lady Harris & Lor  round 1
22.18 Bee Wonderful Heed, Linda SWE   4 penalties 72.16 sec
  bay 14y.M /Cagliostro 931/Indus 530/SWB/SWE40295/ Eva-Gun Lundberg  round 1
23.1 Click And Cash 1155 Arvidsson, Niklas SWE   4 penalties 73.20 sec
  dbay 12y.S /Cashandcarry/Capitol I/HOLST/102OQ92/ Lene Nissen Lembke  round 1
24.118 Violetta D Gulliksen, Geir NOR   4 penalties 73.79 sec
  bay 10y.M /Quinar/Candillo/HOLST/103DC33/ Stall Gullik AS  round 1
25.129 Erco van T Roosakker Deusser, Daniel GER   4 penalties 73.92 sec
  bay 11y.S /Darco/Kannan/BWP/102YN66/ Stephex Stables  round 1
26.106 Extra van Essene Modolo Zanotelli, Marlon BRA   4 penalties 73.98 sec
  11y.G /Diamant de Semilly/Gotthardsen/BWP/102XU85/ Ashford Farming LTD  round 1
27.48 Catwalk IV Whitaker, Robert GBR   4 penalties 74.16 sec
  bay 12y.S /Colman/Corleone/HOLST/102XV23/ Clare Whitaker & Mandy Hall  round 1
28.17 Cue Channa 42 Numminen, Sebastian FIN   4 penalties 74.54 sec
  grey 9y.M /Cardento/Robin Z/SWB/103IY32/ Susanne Persson  round 1
29.8 Armstrong van de Kapel Philippaerts, Olivier BEL   5 penalties 77.18 sec
  bay 10y.S /Quasimodo Z/Farn/KWPN/103BB37/ Jan Vermeiren - Ludo Philippaerts  round 1
30.32 Emerald Smolders, Harrie NED   8 penalties 70.39 sec
  chest 11y.S /Diamant De Semilly/Carthago/BWP/102WX93/ Euro Horse Bvba Axel Verloo  round 1
31.89 Fandango Whitaker, William GBR   8 penalties 71.66 sec
  dbay 12y.G /Last Liberty 988/Krocket 651/SWB/102NO56/ Elisan Ab  round 1
32.85 H&M Tornesch 1042 Baryard-Johnsson, Malin SWE   8 penalties 72.47 sec
  bay 15y.S /Lux/Libero H/KWPN/SWE05258/ Heliotrop HB  round 1
33.46 Bonzai H Persson, Helena SWE   8 penalties 72.70 sec
  grey 15y.G /Baloubet du Rouet/Caletto II/SWB/SWE40029/ Salio AB/Helena Persson  round 1
34.70 Celestine Liukkonen, Satu FIN   8 penalties 73.46 sec
  bay 13y.M /Cardento 933/King of Diamonds/SWB/102QA59/ Iwona Majewska & Per Wester  round 1
35.126 PSG Future Fuchs, Martin SUI   8 penalties 74.81 sec
  bay 11y.G /Cashandcarry/Lorentin I/HOLST/102XS77/ Schildknecht,Peter  round 1
36.57 Clarkes Ferro Kingsrod, Dag Ove NOR   12 penalties 71.81 sec
  bay 10y.G /S Creevagh Ferro ex Siebe/Diamonds Are Trumps/ISH/102WQ24/ Kingsroed T  round 1
37.62 Solos Consept Frandsen, Torben DEN   12 penalties 73.53 sec
  bay 11y.G /Capitol/Corofino/HOLST/102WA77/ Torben Frandsen  round 1
38.95 Carriere Andersson, Petronella SWE   disqualified
  bay 12y.M /Catoki/Contango/OLDBG/102XO98/ Stephex Stables  round 1
39.73 Querida 75 Lynch, Denis IRL   retired
  bay 9y.M /Guidam de Henry/Zeus/OLDBG/103PC93/ Straumann,Thomas  round 1
39.93 Chaman Beerbaum, Ludger GER   retired
  bay 16y.S /Baloubet du Rouet/I Love You/KWPN/MEX01925/ Winter-Schulze,Madeleine  round 1

Data of competition:
 Judges:  A.Pihl (SWE)  Total prize money:
1600000 SEK
 J.Geilfus (GER)
 A.Lindqvist (SWE)