02 Longines Speed Challenge©
Int. jumping competition - speed and handiness (1.45 m)
FEI - Art. 239 / 263
Competition counting for Longines Rankings - LR Group C


Placed competitors
1.15 Olivia de Nantuel Katharina Offel UKR 27060.00 US  64.61 seconds
  bay 11y.M /Kannan/Leprince de Thurin/SF/BEL42060/ Puschak Wolfgang 
2.31 Ornella Mail HDC Patrice Delaveau FRA 16400.00 US  64.62 seconds
  bay 11y.M /Lando/Alligator Fontaine/SF/102QE65/ Haras des Coudrettes et Mme Emman 
3.26 Ulysse Pius Schwizer SUI 12300.00 US  65.12 seconds (63.12)
  bay 16y.G /Nonstop/Jus de Pomme/BWP/BEL10603/ Schwizer Pius & Leiser François 
4.59 Little Lady Z Christian Ahlmann GER 8200.00 USD  65.74 seconds (63.74)
  bay 12y.M /Laptop/Grannus/HANN/103CX89/ Stoeterij Zangersheide 
5.1 Castle Forbes Cosma Roger Yves Bost FRA 4920.00 USD  66.92 seconds (64.92)
  chest 13y.M /Couleur-Rubin/Peter Pan/OLDBG/GER40684/ Forbes Georgina 
6.67 Billy Bianca Richard Spooner USA 3690.00 USD  66.96 seconds (62.96)
  bay 12y.M /Vechta/Iroko/AES/GBR42292/ Molly Ohrstrom 
7.71 Whisper Simon Delestre FRA 2460.00 USD  66.99 seconds (64.99)
  bay 10y.M /Gentleman/Sit This One Out/KWPN/NED42542/ M.Simon Delestre et M. Benoi 
8.11 Zydoctro vd Kapel Marc Bettinger GER 2050.00 USD  67.33 seconds
  chest 9y.M /Indoctro/Landwind/KWPN/103MD35/ Ecurie Francois Mathy 
9.35 Campbel Marcus Ehning GER 1640.00 USD  67.92 seconds (65.92)
  bay 10y.S /Contendro/Argentan/HANN/CZE40260/ Nolte, Georg und Schmitt-Nolte, Mar 
10.66 Quintender Ludo Philippaerts BEL 1640.00 USD  68.30 seconds (66.30)
  bay 12y.S /Quinar/Contender/HOLST/GER43775/ Em Horses 
11.5 Chamonix H Olivier Philippaerts BEL 820.00 USD  69.14 seconds (67.14)
  bay 12y.M /Equest Carnute/Caletto II/SWB/SWE40301/ Tibia Hb & Salio Ab 
12.63 Parvati de Breve Laura Renwick GBR 820.00 USD  71.96 seconds (65.96)
  bay 10y.M /Dollar Dela Pierre/Voltaire/SF/102MB61/ Mrs Julia Biddle 
Other, non-placed competitors
13.76 Jockey Club Caballo Kenneth Cheng HKG   75.56 seconds (69.56)
  bay 10y.S /Cheenook/Grandus/ZWEIB/103HK02/ Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Tru 
14.75 Upanisad di San Patrignano Jane Richard Philips SUI   76.49 seconds (74.49)
  bay 11y.G /Mr. Blue/S.I./SUI40760/ Ihp - L.P. 
15.18 Hello Intertoy Z Scott Brash GBR   76.94 seconds (68.94)
  bay 14y.G /Interadel/Centauer/ZANG/GBR40601/ Lady P Harris & Lady P Kirkham 
16.52 Viva Eiken Sato JPN   82.45 seconds (80.45)
  grey 11y.M /Corrado/Nimmerdor/KWPN/102XO55/ Stephex Stables and Nina Fagerstrom 
17.28 Arsalla Raena Leung HKG   97.55 seconds (83.55)
  bay 13y.M /Exploit de Roulard/Grison II/BWP/NED40183/ Tung Su Wan 
18.22 Night Train Denis Lynch IRL   retired
  chest 14y.G /S. Calvaro Z/Papillon Rouge/ZANG/USA40846/ Straumann Flaminia 

Data of competition:
 Judges:  S.Ellenbruch (GER)  Total prize money:
82000 USD
 N.King (HKG)
 G.Kuh (HKG)
 S.Macken (IRL)